Culturesphere is a creative practice dedicated to positioning contemporary craft and material culture within corporate frameworks, to provoke new perspectives and to enrich creative atmospheres at today's modern workplace.


The way we work has changed fundamentally in the last decades. The world has become highly complex and digital, and we have shifted from an industrial to a knowledge society, where communication and creativity are key success factors. In order to compete globally and to attract talent today businesses have to rethink their workplaces and make creative collaboration a priority.


New office concepts redefine the work experience and aim for more human-centred environments with the capability to enhance people's emotional and cognitive wellbeing. Especially in times of excessive mass-production, craft and craft-oriented design offer here a unique and powerful proposition.


The deeply intrinsic and humanistic values of craftsmen with their inspiring approach of making unique objects with their hands helps to re-imagine the world around us. Their skilfully crafted objects contribute to create one-of-a-kind and beautiful spaces that feel not only bespoke and authentic, but nurture a sense of belonging, stimulate mindfulness, spark new perspectives and foster creativity.

We support companies in their aim to provide stimulating work environments that reflect a culture of openness, individuality and creativity. We help to put their spirit, their vision and their passion on display by bringing custom-tailored collections of unique objects, curated exhibitions and engaging art events to their spaces in order to enhance inspiration, conversation and wellbeing. In detail we focus on...
Bringing inspiring material culture to the workplace in times of digital change.
Curating an aura of beauty, authenticity and craftsmanship within corporate environments.
Connecting people and purpose, developing relationships, enhancing brand experience.
Inviting artists, thinkers and visionaries to engage in meaningful conversations to stimulate creative cultures.
Fostering a culture of experimentation, creativity and innovation.
Filling spaces with inspiring sensory experiences to spark creative thinking.
Culturesphere offers a unique spectrum of services to bring art, craft and design exhibitions, conversations and events to the corporate sector.



Culturesphere supports the corporate sector with curated environments where best practice and thinking in applied art, design and craft can be experienced and engaged with.



Culturesphere creates opportunities for dialogue, exchange, cross-fertilization and collaboration with outstanding practitioners within new and expanded creative frameworks.



Culturesphere fosters global collaboration projects between corporate partners and award-winning artists, designers and master craftsmen.



Culturesphere offers service and expertise for all aspects of art consultancy and the acquisition or leasing of unique art, design and craft objects.

We are a multidisciplinary team with diverse backgrounds and expert knowledge, which enables us to bring fresh perspectives and a unique package of services to the table. We joined forces out of a shared passion for material and non-material culture. Together with an international network of collaborators we follow one mission: Positioning contemporary design, craft and art within corporate frameworks to enrich and foster creativity and innovation.
Oliver Szasz, Co-Founder & Innovation Director, Cultursphere
Prof. Oliver Szasz
Co-Founder / Innovation Director

Oliver has a background in communication design, design thinking and design management, and received a master’s degree in design studies from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design London. He holds a professorship in media and communication design at Macromedia University and is responsible for the international design master program at campus Munich. Prior to his teaching position he successfully ran a multidisciplinary design studio in London for over ten years. His research and project work for major international companies is concerned with creativity studies, human-centred innovation, design thinking and sustainability. He initiated and organized numerous internationally acknowledged conferences, design events and workshops about design as an innovation discipline. With a unique combination of theoretical expertise, practical experience, and a holistic view on design and innovation, he is considered a highly esteemed asset to the Culturesphere team.

Ingrid Ruegemer, Co-Founder & Artistic Director, Culturesphere
Ingrid Rügemer
Co-Founder / Artistic Director

Ingrid’s experience roots in the practical and intellectual engagement with material culture, design strategy and brand building. Additionally to her bachelor degree in communication design she holds a master’s degree in Ceramic Design from the renowned Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design London, and has established herself as an internationally recognised ceramic artist. Her objects and designs are about perceptual awareness as well as the sensory aspects of emotions and man-object relations, the striving for wellbeing, a sense of belonging and mindfulness. Combining her substantial experience in developing brands and design strategies with her expertise in craft-oriented design and her well established global network of fellow artists make her the ideal Artistic Director for Culturesphere, a company that strives to connect the creative power of art with the corporate world.



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